Circular metal push-pull self-locking waterproof connector

Split push-pull self-locking system enables safe connection:
1.Safe push pull self-latching system 2.Robust shell suitable for extremely harsh environment 3.Solder , crimp or print contacts 4.Multi-pole 2 ~ 32 contacts 5.Mating cycles: >5000 times 6.Humidity: at 60 °C, max. up to 95% 7.Temperature range: -45 ° ~ + 125 ° 8.Vibration: 10-20,000HZ, 15g 9.Protection class(mated): IP66 ~ IP68 10.Product Certificate: UL 

Push Pull Circular Metal Type Waterproof 14Pin free socket Replacement Connector

Push and pull self-locking system is known for simple and quick plug. It can effectively resist vibration and shock, and can prevent the disconnection caused by pulling the cable. It is absolutely safe and reliable to use, which facilitates the insertion and removal in a very limited space.

K series Metal Connectors Parameter:


Model NO: SHG.1K314.CPLC.85G
Matching: PGG.1K314.CPAC.85G
Contact: 14 Pins
Color: Silver
Material: Brass chrome plated
Coupling: Push-Pull
Cable diameter: 5.0~7.5mm
Termination: Solder
Surface treatment: Nickel Plating


Mechanical properties and environmental factors:


Mating cycles: 5000 times pull and push
Humidity: At tempetature 60°, the max humidity of up to 95%
Temperature range: -45 °- +125°
Vibration: 10-20000Hz,15g
Mechanical shock: 100g.6ms
Smoke corrosion: >48h
Protection class: IP65-68


Main features:

All models of this series can be waterproofed when inserted,and can be assembled to IP68 with at least.

1:Fast Push-pull self-latching system;

2:Suitable for extremely harsh working conditions;

3:Solder,crimp,and PCB-type connector pins, Straight,90-degree angle;

4:A variety of status pins to avoid intermixing between similar connectors;

5:Full 360 ° shielding effect, anti-electromagnetic interference

6:Multi-core type 2-32 core, high-density installation to save space

7:Waterproof grade IP66 ~ IP68;


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This product is widely used in electronic, instrumentation, video processing, medical equipment and other electrical signal connection. Especially for frequent connections need to be separated, need to shield the instrumentation and equipment on the electrical signal connection


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